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Accepted. Flow, Unreflective Immersive Action, and the Fringe of Consciousness. In Larsen, T. M. and Sageng J. R., Varieties of Immersive Experience (TBC).

Forthcoming. Mindfulness and Agential Control. Journal of Humanistic Psychology. doi: 10.1177/00221678231191564

Forthcoming. Evaluating the Value of Free Will: Comments on Ekstrom's God, Suffering and the Value of Free Will. Faith and Philosophy.

2024. Science, Determinism, and Free Will. In Harris, M. God and the Book of Nature: Experiments in Theology of Science (Abingdon: Routledge).

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2022. Does the automaticity in human behaviour undermine human moral responsibility? Theological Puzzles 8. (journal; video abstract) open access OA

2022. How (not) to think about the sense of 'able' relevant to free will. Inquiry 65(10): 1289-1307. (journal; postprint).

Cover of The Divine Nature >

2022. Against Synchronic Free Will. In Kittle, S. and Gasser, G. The Divine Nature: Personal and A-Personal Perspectives, 176-194. (New York: Routledge). (preprint)

2022. An Introduction to Thinking about Personal and A-Personal Aspects of the Divine. In Kittle, S. and Gasser, G. The Divine Nature: Personal and A-Personal Perspectives, 1-20. (with Georg Gasser) (New York: Routledge). (preprint)

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2022. God is (probably) a cause among causes. Theology and Science 22(2): 247-262. (journal; shortDOI: 10/hr3g) open access OA

2020. Heavenly freedom, derivative freedom, and the value of free choices. Religious Studies 56(4): 455-472. (journal; postprint)

Cover of God and Human Freedom >

2019. God and Human Freedom. Cambridge University Press. (with Leigh Vicens) (CUP page)

Peter Furlong has reviewed the book in Faith and Philosophy 37(3): 390-394. (journal) open access OA

2019. Does everyone think the ability to do otherwise is necessary for free will & moral responsibility? Philosophia 47(4): 1177–1183. (journal; postprint)

2019. When is an alternative possibility robust? European Journal of Philosophy 27(1): 199-210. (journal) open access OA

2018. Some problems of heavenly freedom. TheoLogica 2 (2): 97-115. (journal w/pdf) open access OA

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2014. Vihvelin and Fischer on ‘pre-decisional’ intervention. Philosophia 42 (4): 987-997. (journal; postprint).

Book reviews

2020. Review of W. Matthews Grant’s Free Will and God's Universal Causality. Faith and Philosophy 37(3): 374-379. (journal w/pdf) open access OA

2016. Review of John Martin Fischer’s Deep Control. Faith and Philosophy 33 (2): 235-239. (journal w/pdf) open access OA

2013. Review of Huoranszki’s Freedom of the Will. Disputatio V (37): 368-374. (journal w/pdf) open access OA

I also have a list of non-academic articles and a list of works in progress.