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Forthcoming. How (not) to think about the sense of 'able' relevant to free will. Inquiry.

Forthcoming. Divine personhood, divine freedom, and time. In Gasser, G. and Kittle, S. The Divine Nature: Personal and A-Personal Perspectives (Routledge; planned for 2021).

2019. God and Human Freedom. Cambridge University Press. (with Leigh Vicens) (CUP page)

Peter Furlong has a review of the book forthcoming in Faith and Philosophy.

2019. Does everyone think the ability to do otherwise is necessary for free will & moral responsibility? Philosophia 47(4): 1177–1183. (journal)

2019. When is an alternative possibility robust? European Journal of Philosophy 27(1): 199-210. (journal w/pdf) [open access]

2018. Heavenly freedom, derivative freedom, and the value of free choices. Religious Studies. FirstView. (journal; postprint)

2018. Some problems of heavenly freedom. TheoLogica 2 (2): 97-115. (journal w/pdf) [open access]

2017. Robustness and up-to-us-ness. Disputatio 9 (44): 35-57. (journal w/pdf) [open access]

2016. Possibilities for divine freedom. Roczniki Filozoficzne 64 (4): 93-122. (journal w/pdf) [open access]

2015. Abilities to do otherwise. Philosophical Studies 172 (11): 3017-3035. (journal; postprint).

2015. Powers opposed and intrinsic finks. The Philosophical Quarterly 65 (260): 372-380. (journal).

2015. Grace and free will: quiescence and control. Journal of Analytic Theology 3: 89-108. (journal w/pdf) [open access]

2014. Vihvelin and Fischer on ‘pre-decisional’ intervention. Philosophia 42 (4): 987-997. (journal; postprint).

Book reviews

Forthcoming. Review of W. Matthews Grant’s Free Will and God's Universal Causality. Faith and Philosophy.

2016. Review of John Martin Fischer’s Deep Control. Faith and Philosophy. (journal w/pdf)

2013. Review of Huoranszki’s Freedom of the Will. Disputatio V (37): 368-374. (journal w/pdf) [open access]