Philosophical research


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Manuscripts, works in progress and other items

Refining Pereboom’s robustness criterion (under review)
Ontology and responsibility (under review)
Heavenly freedom and types of freedom (under review)

Prospects for free will in heaven (in progress)
Reasons for action: divine and human (in progress)
The might-counterfactual argument against Molinism (in progress)
Objective chances and free will (in progress)
The individuation of agent causal powers (in progress)

An annotated bibliography of Frankfurt-style-cases (2013, ZIP of a Citavi project, 14 Mb). Details in this blog post.
Hick’s doctrine of ineffability (2011 (unpublished), 12pp, manuscript)
Kant’s metaphysics of the will (2010 (unpublished), 12pp, manuscript)

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