Resources on Christianity, animal welfare and veganism


The Anglican Society for the Welfare of Animals
The ASWA aim to increase the awareness of the value of animals within the Church of England. They promote compassionate treatment of animals, provide resources for study, prayer and liturgy (for individuals and the corporate Church), and have an extensive list of book reviews freely available.
CreatureKind is an initiative of Evangelicals for Social Action and advocates reducing animal consumption as a way of being compassionate to the animals, the climate, and to other humans. They provide resources to enable individuals churches to become “CreatureKind”.


Camosy, ‘Why all Christians should go vegan’, The Washington Post, 5th Jan, 2017.
Brief article providing a bit of explanation on what “the early Christians understood”, namely, that animals should be our companions not our food. A good place to start.
King, ‘The Biblical Case for Vegan Living’, Evangelicals for Social Action, 15th Sept, 2015.
As the title suggests, presents a Biblical case for going vegan.

Wayner, ‘The Christian basis for Veganism’, Free From Harm, 1st Oct, 2014.
This short article originally appeared on one of Encyclopaedia Britannica’s websites. It gives an overview of some of the Biblical texts which support the idea that Christians should be vegans.