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EverReader – read your Evernote content easily

EverReader – read your Evernote content easily

Evernote is a useful tool for saving lots of information; but it’s not streamlined for a great reading experience. There is no in-note bookmarking facility, and it cannot remember your cursor position in any given note. To remedy that, I developed EverReader which is designed to make reading long-form content stored in Evernote easy. It … Continue reading »

An annotated bibliography of Frankfurt-style cases

An annotated bibliography of Frankfurt-style cases

This is an updated version of my annotated bibliograhpy of Frankfurt-style cases. The previous version was compiled with Zotero, BibTeX and Citeline. You can still view the old web-based version and read about my original motivation for this exercise in visualising philosophical debates. The new version is created with Citavi, an excellent piece of software … Continue reading »

Hyperlink to any Zotero (Standalone) item

The following is a method by which Zotero Standalone users can create hyperlinks to individual items in their library (something Zotero can’t do out of the box). Although there exists a zotero://select protocol which allows navigation to a specific item within Zotero, this doesn’t work for Standalone, so the solution that follows has links navigate … Continue reading »

On screen reading pointer

One of the best tips for improving one’s reading I’ve come across is to use a pencil as you scroll through an article; it helps to place one’s eyes in the optimal position, and helps to maintain a high speed.  This isn’t practical when reading on a screen, even if you’re using a tablet.  There … Continue reading »

Automatically quote a passage from a PDF

Problem: Sometimes when taking notes from a PDF file it is not enough to summarise, but you need a quotation.  While it is easy enough to copy and paste test from a PDF to your notes, this can become a hassle if (a) you want to clearly indicate it is a direct quotation (so you … Continue reading »

Cleanly paste badly formatted text

Problem: Copying and pasting from a PDF document or similar can often leave lots of newlines all over the place, as well as multiple space characters in between words. Solution: The following small AutoHotKey script cleans whatever is on the clipboard, removing all newlines, and ensuring that there is just one space between words, two … Continue reading »