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Ray Monk on the environmental reasons for veganism

Ray Monk, Professor of Philosophy at the University of Southampton, summarises the environmal argument for veganism in this recent-ish article for the New Statesman (Nov 2017). A very clear summary of much of the recent evidence on the topic.

A summary of my article ‘Abilities to do otherwise’

[ This is a summary of ‘Abilities to do otherwise’, the topic of which I have recently been working on again. ] Abilities not defined solely by stimulus and manifestation The first point I argue for (section 2) is that intrinsic dispositions and abilities are not to be defined solely in terms of stimulus conditions … Continue reading »

Why I’m a vegetarian – part 2 (climate change)

Why I’m a vegetarian – part 2 (climate change)

Veganuary EDIT: This post was updated Jan 10 to reflect further research into the issue; I would like to thank Jeff Anhang for pointing me in the direction of various pertinent resources. This January I’m participating in Veganuary, a “give veganism a go in January” campaign co-founded by Matthew Glover and Jane Land. Before writing … Continue reading »