Innsbruck 2018 Analytic Theology Summer School and Conference

Just posted this to philos-l about a summer school and conference in Analytic Theology we’re having here at Innsbruck next year:

The Nature of God: Personal and a-personal concepts of the divine

Summer School: July 26 – August 4, 2018 (Call for participants)

Conference: August 6, 2014 – August 8, 2018 (Call for speakers)

In recent decades, an increasing number of philosophers in the analytic tradition have begun to produce exciting philosophical work on topics relating directly to systematic theology.

The Analytic Theology Project is a multinational three-year endeavour that contributes to this development in a creative way. The project funds systematic research promoting interdisciplinary cooperation between analytic philosophers and theologians. It thus explores the intersection of both fields and seeks to establish links between the traditions of classical European theology and analytic thinking. Against this background the project is organizing a summer school (with a call for papers) and an international conference on The Nature of God. The language of both events is English.

These events will investigate the theoretical commitments of views according to which God is personal, and those according to which God is a-personal, as well as considering the implications of this for spirituality and religious practice.

Summer School Instructors:

• Yujin Nagasawa (Birmingham, UK): A-personal conceptions of God

• Christoph Jäger (Innsbruck University, Austria): Personal conceptions of God

• Thomas Jay Oord (NNU, USA): Conceptions of God and spiritual/religious practices

Conference Speakers:

• Jonathan Kvanvig (Washington University, St. Loius, USA)

• Robin Le Poidevin (Leeds, UK)

• Anastasia Scrutton (Leeds, UK)

• Ryan Mullins (St. Andrews, UK)

• Yujin Nagasawa (Birmingham, UK)

• Oliver Wiertz (Sankt Georgen, Germany)

• Matthias Remenyi (Universität Würzburg, Germany)

• Roman Siebenrock & Manuela Neulinger (Innsbruck, Austria)

• David Efird (York, UK)

• Mark Wynn (Leeds, UK)

• Thomas Jay Oord (NNU, USA)

• Natalja Deng (Yonsei University, South Korea)

• Simon Kittle (Innsbruck, Austria)

We invite applications for participants at the summer school. For how to apply and the relevant funding information, please visit:

We also invite applications for speakers at the conference, at which there are two open slots. For details please visit: