Article: Possibilities for divine freedom

Back in April of last year I was asked whether I might be interested in contributing to an issue of Roczniki Filozoficzne, a philosophy journal published by the Catholic University of Lublin. I was keen to submit something on the topic of divine freedom and the following article is the result. The brief was for an article that would be suitable for upper-level ungraduate teaching and as a result my finished piece contains some overview material and so is very long (30 pages).

After introducing the topic, I discuss three conceptions of divine freedom. I begin with the idea that freedom does not require alternatives (primarily with reference to Jesse Couenhoven’s account), and then move on to the view that while human freedom does require alternatives, God’s freedom does not, because he possesses his character necessarily (my interlocutor here is Kevin Timpe). I identify problems with both of these positions, and then move to explain how Robert Adams’s idea that the graciousness of God means that God need not create the best possible world can be defended against recent objections brought by William Rowe.

Reference details:

Kittle, Simon. 2016. Possibilities for Divine Freedom. Roczniki Filozoficzne 64, 4: 93-122, DOI: 10.18290/rf.2016.64.4-6.

Roczniki Filozoficzne webpage with further details and PDF download link (journal is open access).