A (partial) concept map of St. Athanasius’s On the Incarnation

I’m interested in finding different ways to visualise and process philosophical and theological ideas. I’ve experimented in the past with XMind; this concept map, of the central ideas found in St. Athanasius’s work On the Incarnation of the Word of God, was developed using CMapTools which bills itself as a “knowledge modelling kit”. CMapTools is a little bit disappointing; it has some unique features, but it’s quite buggy, as you can see from the map below: all the lines are meant to have arrows on them, but the arrows only show up around 30% of the time. In addition, although it’s fairly flexible in node placement and linkage, you can’t do some relatively basic stuff such as add images to individual nodes. I don’t think I’ll use it again.

The text of St. Athanasius’s book is available on New Advent here (as a single page), as well as on CCEL (split up into chapters).

Kittle - A partial concept map of St. Athanasius's On the Incarnation of the Word