An annotated bibliography of Frankfurt-style cases

This is an updated version of my annotated bibliograhpy of Frankfurt-style cases. The previous version was compiled with Zotero, BibTeX and Citeline. You can still view the old web-based version and read about my original motivation for this exercise in visualising philosophical debates.

The new version is created with Citavi, an excellent piece of software for managing references, citations, notes, tasks related to research, etc.

Citavi is superior to Zotero in many ways, and I’ve switched to using it for all reference management. The Frankfurt-style cases bibliography contains about 200 references. All the entries are tagged. Many are summarised, and there are many cross references (using Citavi’s “This entry links to/from” feature).

See the screenshots below for more of an idea of how this data could be navigated:

Citavi with Context tab and preview open

Citavi with the quotations tab open

Citavi with keywords list open

Citavi with Table View active

You can download the Citavi project file here: – a ZIP file containing all the Citavi project files. Just unzip it into your Citavi 4\Projects folder.

To view this file you’ll need Citavi 4. The Free version will allow you to view the bibliography (it allows editing of projects containing less than 100 references) and with the Pro version you’ll be able to edit it.