On screen reading pointer

One of the best tips for improving one’s reading I’ve come across is to use a pencil as you scroll through an article; it helps to place one’s eyes in the optimal position, and helps to maintain a high speed.  This isn’t practical when reading on a screen, even if you’re using a tablet.  There are a few software packages about for speed reading, but many work by feeding words into a reader program which then flashes each word quickly in sequence.  They tend to be inflexible, and non-convenient to use.  The optimal solution, I think, would be a software package which formatted the document into a reasonable size font, and then highlighted the area around the mouse pointer, with a particular focus on the words immediately above the pointer.  Ideally, such a solution would dim the entire screen save for the article being read.  I’d imagine this solution is a way off, especially given the unflexible nature of the PDF document format.  However, as a stop-gap I was able to came up with this 10-liner, which produces a bar that sits slightly above the mouse.  The bar is wide enough for about 6 or 7 words, and I find it provides just the right kind of focus.  Here is a screenshot:

It literatlly is a 10-line hack, I didn’t even both coding in any exit functionality.  I have it bound to a hotkey (using AutohotKey), and I use Alt-F4 (with focus on the bar application) to quit.

The code is in C#, and is available in this zip file, which also includes the executable.  It needs the .NET framework 3.5.

I’d love to hear from anybody who has a more advanced solution.