Hyperlink to any Zotero (Standalone) item

The following is a method by which Zotero Standalone users can create hyperlinks to individual items in their library (something Zotero can’t do out of the box). Although there exists a zotero://select protocol which allows navigation to a specific item within Zotero, this doesn’t work for Standalone, so the solution that follows has links navigate not to the item in Zotero but to the item as it appears in the web-version of one’s library (on Zotero.org).

Part 1 – Exporting a link to the item’s page on zotero.org

First, download the following javascript file, zotero-link-web.js, and install it as a Zotero translator (you’ll need to fix the URL to point to your own library). This is based on a zotselect-link.js file which was floating around the Zotero forums (but which used zotero://select). This file generates a link for the item presently selected, and can be set to run as the default translator which facilities use with Zotero’s QuickCopy function (Ctrl-Alt-C).

Part 2 – Converting the clipboard to rich text

Running the above script using QuickCopy puts an HTML link on the clipboard, but only in plain text. To make it such that it can be pasted into Word, Evernote, or whereever, as a hyperlink, the clipboard has to be converted to rich text format.

The following AutohotKey script will achieve that. It will (1) run Zotero’s QuickCopy, (2) grab contents from clipboard, (3) put it back onto clipboard in rich-text format.  It is bound to Ctrl-Win-c to mirror Zotero’s key-combo, but that can be changed as needed. Also, it needs the WinClip library for AutoHotKey.

#Include WinClipAPI.ahk
#Include WinClip.ahk
wc := new WinClip

clipboard = 
Send ^!c ; Run Zotero's quick copy
ClipWait, 2
theClipboard := clipboard


The result: press Ctrl-Win-c when on an individual item in the Zotero library, and you have a pasteable link to the item’s page on Zotero.org on your clipboard. This can be pasted into Evernote, Word, and other rich text apps to produce direct links to library items.  Sadly, it doesn’t work properly with Zotero’s rich notes field because you can’t follow the hyperlinks.  However, if you view the Zotero note from the Zotero web interface, then the link will work.